Sauli Huhtala

Sauli Huhtala has studied orchestral conducting under the leadership of professor Jorma Panula at the Sibelius Academy and under the guidance of Karl Österreicher at the Music Academy in Vienna. Furthermore Sauli Huhtala has studied orchestral conducting under Atso Almila, Eri Klas and Ilja Musin. Sauli Huhtala received a Diploma in Orchestral Conducting with excellent grades.

As a visiting director Sauli Huhtala has conducted most of the symphony orchestras in Finland. He has also conducted ballets, operas and operettas. Sauli Huhtala has been the conductor for Akademiska Orkestern since 1991. He has toured with the Akademiska Orkestern in Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Austria, Slovakia and Denmark.

Also as a composer Sauli Huhtala has made his name well known. He has among other works composed music for the popular musical play Jokamies as well as orchestral work Bornholm Dances and Visions. Camilla Nylund and Aurora Marthens have premiered songs by Sauli Huhtala. His composition Jag ville vara havet was premiered at the Doctoral Conferral Ceremony of Åbo Akademi University in 2018. In September 2021, Sauli Huhtala’s composition Por la Vida was premiered at the opening of the academic year at Åbo Akademi.